1. Intake Forms

Each new practice member is asked to fill out a health survey so that we can get a better understanding about what is going on with your health. This allows us to get an accurate assessment of your health concerns and conditions and what we can do to correct them.

2. State of the art office tour

After completing the intake forms, one of our team members will take you on a tour so you can learn the history of chiropractic care, our corrective exercises, Dr. Doug’s adjusting technique, and our testing processes. 

3. Consultation

Dr. Doug or a team member will complete a one on one consultation with you to understand what your health concerns are. We will also take time to educate you about principled corrective chiropractic care and how you can meet your health goals. Some of the conditions we help the Carol Stream and surrounding communities with are chronic headaches, migraines, numbness in the hands, sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, low back pain, hip discomfort, among many others. 

4. State of the art neurological testing

We will then complete neurological testing using our NASA certified technology to see how your body is functioning as well as where you have nerve interference.

5. Digital postural x-rays

If needed, a team member will take postural x-rays to get a more detailed understanding about your nervous system. We use digital x-rays which gives a clear image with very little radiation exposure.

7. Report of findings and care plan

Dr. Doug will meet with you to go over his findings as well as your individual recommendations for principled chiropractic care.

8. Adjustment

We will teach you to perform individualized stretches and exercises to address what you specifically have going on structurally. Once your muscles are ready, Dr. Doug will then deliver your specific corrective chiropractic adjustment. He may also use an instrument called an Arthrostim in order to facilitate corrective care. In our office, education is of utmost importance. After-all, the word doctor means teacher.  In our office we take the time to walk our patients through our course of care and how what they might be used to hearing about traditional chiropractic isn’t what we do here. Our gentle but corrective techniques have proven effective with hundreds of people because when you finally address the structure of the spine and work towards getting it back to normal, it’s natural for the nerves to calm down, the muscles to relax, and ultimately for people to start feeling better and healing better long term.  

Active Rehab Area

Cervical Traction, Wobble, Head Weights


Corrective Adjusting Instrument

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