Chronic Headaches

Joe C.

Prior to talking to NorthCoast Wellness Center, I did not realize the just how beneficial it was to be properly aligned. Even before I began my corrections, they educated me about the care I would be receiving and answered any questions that I had. I initially sought help to alleviate discomfort from chronic headaches, but I found out that many other ailments can be caused by subluxation of the spine. When Dr. Doug reviewed the x-rays with me during my first consultation, I was shocked at what I saw. I am in my early 20’s and would consider myself to be in fairly good shape, but my x-rays said otherwise. After a few short visits, I could tell a huge difference in not only my headaches, but also in the way that I felt. In a few weeks, I felt the best that I have in recent memory. Waking up at 5:30 for work was no longer difficult and I noticed an increase in energy throughout the day. Receiving care from NorthCoast Wellness is one of the best decisions that I have made and I recommend that everyone, regardless of age, should at the very least seek a consultation from the excellent staff at NorthCoast Wellness Center. -Joe C.

Pain & Numbness in Feet, Tight Hips

Bruce C.

I would highly recommend NorthCoast Wellness. Dr. Doug has made documented changes in achieving a healthier spine for me. I have less pain in my feet and the numbness is gone. The tightness in my hips are gone also. Dr. Doug is gentle and puts you at ease. Gone are the days of waiting to hear all the cracking and snapping. In fact one looks forward to going. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. As people gather for their appointments friendly conversation will start. It reminds me of the old days for going to the barber shop. You go early to see who’s there and catch up on what’s happening.

Low Back Pain

Elaine P.

I have been to several chiropractors over the years, but didn’t have success with my back issues. I decided to try Dr. Doug’s corrective chiropractic work. I have to admit I was a little skeptical in the beginning. His work is very different from what I experienced, but over the past few months I can’t believe the progress we’ve made! I am back to biking, power walking and working with little to no pain! And I’m just over half way through my protocol! I would not be feeling this good without Dr. Doug! His office is warm and welcoming and Jeannette couldn’t be nicer. She does a fantastic job stretching their patients and handling their office! I’m so happy I found NorthCoast Wellness Center!!

Low Back Pain

Doug T.

I came in with lower back pain and the adjustments and spinal treatment along with the exercises I perform while there have made a significant difference. It’s much better than taking medications that never seemed to address the actual cause of the pain. I have seen other chiropractors before, but Dr. Doug is very hands on and educational. I am constantly learning about the processes behind his adjustments as well as other areas of health I can be improving upon. 

Neck/Shoulder Pain, Numbness in Pinkie Finger, Burning in Left Foot

Jim K.

I came to NorthCoast in April 2016 with sharp neck/shoulder pain, numbness in the pinkie of my left hand and burning sensations in my left foot. Kind of a wreck. Through the diagnostic process Dr. Doug created a plan to adjust and correct my neck and spine, within a month or so the pinkie issue was gone, it took a bit longer to correct the neck problem, but when you’ve had poor posture for years, it takes a while to get things back inline. Almost a year later now, I feel fantastic! Dr. Doug and Jeanette are also two of the nicest people you can meet, and genuinely care about their patients. Thanks you guys for getting me back aligned and riding my bike the way I love to!

Low Back Pain/ Stiffness Sitting to Standing

Eric H.

When I first walked into NorthCoast Wellness I was a mess. I had recently injured my back and was having trouble doing even simple things like dressing myself in the morning.

After working with Dr. Tansor for just a short time I was back to normal. Now, a few short weeks later I am better than I have been since childhood. My pain is long gone and my posture is much improved.

Constant Headaches and Back Pain

Ellen S.

I found North Coast at a local vendor fair in Bloomingdale last year. I had been experiencing constant headaches and back pain and not sleeping well at night. I signed up for a free consult and learned a lot of my symptoms stem from the spine. Dr Doug explained everything to me in a way I could understand (not in those huge medical terminology words.) he took time to answer any of my concerns and skepticism. I then signed up for my X-ray and treatment plan.

Turned out my neck did not have proper curvature (head aches,) I had huge knots in my shoulder and i sleep on my stomach (cause of my restless nights), and I had one disc slightly turned out (causing some of my back pain.) For my headaches and neck alignment, Dr Doug, had me do in office traction exercises that i also could do at home, gave me a neck roll to use to help with my neck. For my sleepless nights, Dr Doug referred me to an amazing pillow I bought on Amazon to help train me sleep on my side or back, worked out my huge knot in my shoulder and gave me at home stretches to help also. For my back pain, he gave me at home exercises and minor adjustments.
RESULTS: I am currently on maintenance and my xrays and symptoms show I have great improvement: Headaches GONE, lower back pain GONE, I have never slept so good in months!

Dr Doug and Jeanette have become part of my routine. They are very casual and friendly and devoted to their patients. The office is a very “non-dr office” setting yet still professional and clean. It is a very calming atmosphere with essential oils permeating through the office. I enjoy every visit.

Neck and Back Pain

Melissa D.

Always a friendly and welcoming place! I have felt a positive change in my neck and back pain. I have been receiving chiropractic care for years from other practitioners, and this is the 1st time I can feel continuous improvement! Thanks to Doug and Jeanette!

Chronic Headaches and In-toe Gait

Elizabeth R.

My 9 year old has been going to Dr. Doug for a few months and absolutely loves it! If you are looking for a chiropractor with passion, Dr. Doug is the one for you! Dr. Doug, Jeanette and Kodah (the furry baby) are awesome!

Constant Low Back Pain

Mike R.

I went in to see if they could reduce the constant lower back pain I have. I noticed that the issues have become MUCH more manageable since coming to NothCoast. I’ve been in pain for years, I’ve tried a bunch of different chiropractic treatments that haven’t produced the relief I gotten here. I highly recommend it!

Chronic Headaches and Neck Pain

Lisa P.

I’ve seen upwards of 10 chiropractors throughout the last 10 years for my headaches and neck pain. Dr. Doug uses some different techniques i haven’t had done before that are helping my headaches dramatically. He’s very patient. Office has a great atmosphere too! The office manager Jeanette is so helpful and accommodating.

Daily Migraines

Ashlee K.

Northcoast Wellness Center has been life-changing. I have been seeing them for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I suffered from migraines and I am happy to report I am migraine free. Thank you Dr. Doug and Jeanette, you guys rock!

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